i honestly don’t understand the concept of an online magazine. i really don’t. i just seems … wrong. some things need to remain ‘as they are.’ not digital. am i right?

i don’t even know how much i like the idea of these electronic book reader things. who honestly wants to read a book that way? and what’s going to happen to all our beautiful libraries and book stores? (i could spend hours in a book store.) too much to thing about.

anyway, with that being said, i’m directing you to an online magazine. (haha… i know… make up your mind!)

Inspired By Charm

many of you may follow or read the lettered cottage, but for those of you that don’t you need to check them out especially their new online magazine.

they recently redecorated a beach cottage on Tybee Island, GA and their work was stunning. so many brilliant ideas. you must check it out. if you love vintage … summer colors … the beach … fun, eclectic yet beautiful design. you will love this.

Inspired By Charm

this is one of my favorite details…. they found a quote from a book or magazine and covered an entire wall with it! love it.

Inspired By Charm

i also love the big antique cabinet above this bed. beautiful. and the primary color scheme of yellow, blue and red. amazing.

you can click here for the online magazine. i just needed to share. hope you like it!

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  • Abbie at

    That wall cabinet IS amazing!

    I love that in your profile you say that you live in a town we’ve never heard of! I am in that same situation so I find that hilarious!

  • Emily at

    Oh my word, I love the photos of that inn! The blog was new to me too…I’m officially hooked. Thanks for sharing. Even though it was an online magazine. 🙂

  • greenrabbitdesigns at

    Hi Michael
    Thanks for dropping in to ‘visit’ me!
    I totally agree with you, books and magazines should be on paper!
    Lovely images though.
    Vivienne 🙂

  • City.Cottage store at

    I hear yah, That Layla is one amazing gal.Love your blog!

  • The domestic novice at

    Wow – what an amazing blog. I agree with you about the electronic book readers – I like to turn pages properly! I quite like online mags – far less advertising to wade through (says the marketing girl…ho hum).

    Thanks for dropping by to say hello – just loving your quilt project!

  • Gretchen at

    Not a fan of online magazines either, BUT I saw this and I LOVE LONNY online magazine too!

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