today, i’m actually posting over here with a wonderful ‘no recipe’ recipe for apple turnovers. i was so excited when stephanie from sweet symphanie asked me to do a guest post as part of her summer blog party. i had never done one before.

Inspired By Charm

and since i’m pretty pumped about my first guest post (and since i haven’t had one in a while) i thought i’d do a little giveaway in celebration. sadly i can’t giveaway an ipad or kitchen aid mixer like some bloggers, but i hope this will do.

so up for grabs is the strawberry market candle (large jar) from bridgwater candles. i’m not just saying this because i sell this candles in my gift shoppe, but the candles from bridgewater are simply amazing. first, they burn so nicely (clearn down the sides people – they are a soy blend). secondly, the scents are amazing! this summer they came out with a new scent called sunshine and i can’t keep it on my shelf. it’s like heaven. and they just released three new scents … cookie jar, silent night and frosted berry. when i smelled frosted berry i got goosebumps! the perfect winter scent. i can’t wait to get it in the shop.

Inspired By Charm

anyway, enough rambling … so you get a candle and i’m in the process (this weekend or next week) of making strawberry rhubarb jam. ripe strawberries and lots of rhubarb … its sinful. my gram makes the best strawberry rhubarb pie and this jam reminds me of it soooo much!

so there are two ways to enter. first, leave a comment here. second, leave a comment on my post at sweet symphanie. that’s two chances to win folks! you can enter now through saturday at midnight. one winner will be selected. i will announce the lucky person on monday.

a big thanks to stephanie for the chance to be a part of something great. if you haven’t been over to her blog get over there. check out this post and this post – two of my recent favorites.

good luck and thanks so much for reading! and welcome to any new readers!

(and if you are interested in a bridgewater candle i’m happy to ship one to you (as long as i have the scent and size you are looking for). just pay for the candle, mention this post and shipping is on me!)

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  • Stephanie at

    Awesome! So exciting :]

  • Michelle (michabella) at

    Congrats on guest posting!!! Thats exciting!! I can just smell that candle…Mmmm 🙂

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Oh how I love Bridgewater Candles!! I received one as a gift this past Christmas and found myself only lighting it for a half hour or so because I couldn’t bear to use it up!! They smell heavenly!! Congratulations on your guest post!

  • The Reliable Rambler at


  • Khak at

    I adore candles that burn ‘correctly’. It’s the simple joys in life that count. Congrats on the guest post.

  • katie at

    mmm…the smells of summer. i’m intrigued by this “no-recipe recipe”–what does that mean? and as an avid piemaker, i have yet to do anything with rhubarb. maybe strawberry rhubarb pie will need to be on the agenda for this weekend. congrats on the guest post!

  • Michael - Innkeeper at

    @ Katie – thanks! a no-recipe recipe is bascially a recipe without specific directions, ingredients, amounts, etc. like heres what you use. go to town. make sense? (i heard it on the food network once. and i didn’t get it either … and maybe still fully don’t. haha.)

  • Silver Strands at

    Welcome to the blogging world Michael! And best of luck to you.

  • Rachel at

    I’ve seen these candles before in your shop, and I have always admired them for basically 3 reasons:
    1.) they are fine quality; soy blended (creme de la creme!) 2.) they look simply gorgeous in their jars; so elegant 3.) they smell amazing!

    Who wouldn’t adore this?

  • Ginger and Pickle at

    great job on the guest post, Michael! I always love being introduced to “new to me” bloggers!!! Thanks for the chances!!

  • Eileen at

    I am a “recipe cook” but I think that even I could handle your “no recipe turnovers.” Thanks for sharing!

  • Sharon at

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to win this candle. 🙂

  • Anonymous at

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