i am still slightly obsessed with making these foliage arrangements. so much though that i’m worried by the end of the summer my landscaping is going to be no existent.

i am still discovering new-to-me blogs. and i love it. people are so talented and creative. it’s inspiring. this one, this one and this one are there of several great finds.

i am really bad at reading books. i know, i have mentioned it before. my book shelf is full of books i have only read half way through. it’s not because i don’t like them, cause i do. usually another (and what seems to be better) book comes along and i want to read the new one rather than the old. maybe this is a sign of adhd? who knows. either way … i was only half way through the lovely bones and moved on to this book.

i’m almost to the half way point, but i have a strong feeling i’m going to finish this one. i actually really love it. and recommend it! i love the way the author speaks … well, writes. it’s great!

i am going to try and make  these super-delicious-looking butter, cinnamon, sugar crusted french breakfast puff this week. don’t they look super good?


i am super freakin happy i won this amazing vintage wrought iron birdcage on ebay. i actually saw the exact birdcage (expect it was white) at the antique shop where i found that vintage fabric for almost double the price. i’m not exactly sure what to do with it yet. it’s either going to be a light fixture… or i’m going to get a beautiful unique fern (like maidenhair) to put inside and hand from the ceiling. endless ideas!

(i was really happy i discoverd this cage because the seller is super amazing and sweet AND has some other amazing vintage goodies in her ebay shop. vintage fans, furniture, more birdcages. i will definatly be watching for her new finds!)

i am going to decorate my beach house just like this when i win the lottery and buy one. (even though i don’t play the lottery … a boy can dream though!)

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  • Khak at

    you could also put three or four different sized pillar candles in it and light them on your porch for guests @ night. I love candles..

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