have you ever been really atracted to something by looking at it even if you don’t know what it is, how it is or what purpose it will serve.

this happens to me a lot! especially with books. i often see the cover of a book (having no idea what the book is about) and instantly want to read it.

does that make sense?

i’m just really attracted to certain images, colors, fonts, etc. i suppose that’s why i’m a little obsessed with blogging and magazines. sometimes i think i get overly stimulated. anyway, this is a long and completely unrelated introduction to a question that i have.

yesterday i stumble across and image from Owl Tree Roasting. its an artisan roasted coffee out of austin, texas. i do love coffee, but i’m by no means a coffee expert or coffee snob, i just like what i like. in fact, here i serve maxwell house master blend and people really seem to like it.

Inspired By Charm

i’m also a big starbucks fan, but they have become ‘too big’ lately … it’s sort of unappealing. and the nearest starbucks is 1.5 hours from here. so, if i’m going to order coffee from some place special i should think outside of the box.

anyway, after looking at their site i thought their farmhouse blend sounded quite delicious (and, of course, i love the label) …

Inspired By Charm

a full bodied, nutty & round cup with citrus notes

i honestly don’t really know what all that means, but i do like a coffee with ‘citurs notes’. starbucks used to have something similar to this … their gazebo blend. it was designed for summer to make iced coffee, but if drank hot it had ‘citrus notes’. it was super amazing both hot and cold and of course they no longer make it. i’ve been longing for an amazing substitute.

anyway, my point of all this is … have you ever had coffee from owl tree roasting? or is their any really good coffee you’d recommend i try? any advice or thoughts would be appreciated. i may even consider selling a product that i really love in my gift shoppe … and maybe eventually serving it.

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  • Stephanie at

    Michael! Your post will be up tomorrow morning instead! Sorry for any inconvenience… And guess what… I’m off to buy some ingredients for apple turnovers so I can try making them today!

  • jek-a-go-go at

    now i’m really wanting a good cup of coffee! i’ve been trying to convince the mister we have time to venture your way…right now the closest we’ll be to PA is hitting DC but you never know, i’m keeping my figners crossed and have been checking out the map even before you left your fabulous invitation. i had a vision of secrecy that we would book a room and surprise you…i’m such a dork!i hope we can, we’ll keep you posted!

    and that turnover looks amazing!

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