so i saw this over at the giver’s log and i’m not sure how to feel about it.

Inspired By Charm


it’s called bbq in a can, or bbq sundae. on the left you have a layer of baked beans, then cole slaw, then pulled bbq pork and a pickle for garnish. on the right, lemonade.

Inspired By Charm


so, part of me says this is genius. i mean… c’mon! genius. but the thought of eating it could be kinda gross .. and messy. right?

the woman behind the giver’s log seems uber talented, so if she says it’s good, i’m sure it is. plus she has some other similar idea up her sleeve. Maybe she’ll do dessert next … a layer of shortcake, a layer of strawberries and whipped cream! now that’s something i could dive into.

what do you think? genious? gross? both? 

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I totally thought the same thing – I think it looks really cute, but I don’t love my food touching.

    However, we are hosting a co-ed wedding shower this summer and hubby was going to smoke some shredded pork. I thought this could be fun presentation for this.

    I’m on the fence.

  • Annie at

    Ahh! I had the same question! I couldn’t tell either! But I love BBQ so i think i would give it a try… i guess… AH! SO CONFLICTED! Maybe if it WASN’T called a Sundea

  • Krista at

    My first gut thought was gross, but then when i thought about it i’m thinking genius.

    But maybe i’m still stuck on your strawberry shortcake idea, i’m such a glutton for that!

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    To me it looks kinda gross….but I think it would probably taste good. I love the idea of layering in a mason jar….I have a recipe for a Tex Mex Salad that’s layered in a jar and is SUPER YUMMY! I agree that layered desserts would be wonderful…and salads! Main dishes…not sure about.

  • makingitmine at

    I do something similar with salads-dressing on the bottom, then meat or nuts, then cheese and veggies. You just mix it up when your ready to eat! It keeps everything from getting yucky while your waiting for lunch time to roll around. I never thought of doing it with other types of foods though!

  • Joanna at

    I’m grew up in Texas, so saying no to BBQ and lemonade is I’m quite sure a sin, but I would have to pass on this one.

  • Anonymous at

    As long as you gave me a long for, I’m in.

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