wow. it’s good to be back. has it been a week and half? yikes!

so last week was a bit of a mess. but a really good mess. a full inn kept me busy. a 6:15 breakfast time (for 14 people) kept me sleepy. after waking up at 3:30 for a week, sleeping till 6:00 is like a small miracle. but it’s all part of the job and i wouldn’t have it any other way. (except i did miss sarah’s house on saturday … can someone fill me in?)

anywho, thanks so much for your patience in my absence. i was hoping to be back earlier this week, but i just couldn’t find my muse AND i’m fighting a cold. but things seem to be back on track now.

i wanted to send a big thanks out to the lovely Daniel + Valeria from Hindsvik. i was actually a winner of a giveaway they had a while back. and this is what i won!

Inspired By Charm

too cool right? who doesn’t love letterpress!?

their blog is this amazing mix of vintage that looks completely modern and cool. i just love that. my style is definatly a mix of modern, vintage and ‘comfortable’ and their pics always stir my interest.

they also have the most ah-mazing etsy shop. seriously amazing. i would be happy to make room in my home for anything they sell. check it out.

and again, thanks for your patience. i’m back with lots to share. see you tomorrow!

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