like Oprah, i too have many favorite things. and one of my most favorite is heading to the local greenhouses. that exactly what i did (with my mom) this past (beautifully sunny) weekend. i didn’t take any pictures while i was the the greenhouses (i didn’t want to look silly and i just wanted to enjoy the process). i did take pictures of what i brought home.

inspired by my newly painted front door and new chair cushions i went with oranges, reds and yellow this year. last year i did a mix of anything and it looked that way. pink mixed with reds mixed with purples mixed with oranges. it just didn’t look right.

sticking with a smaller pallet of colors makes everything look cohesive, while the variety of flowers keeps things interesting. plus it goes much better with the color of my house (red brick).

love geraniums. a must for my garden!

window boxes on the carriage house. i never really liked marigolds, but i took my mother’s advice and they couldn’t be more perfect. i love potatoe vine too!

i love planting too… even though my excitement makes the planting process happen really fast, before i know i’m done. i wish it would last longer.

every fall, when i clean up all the dead flowers, i tell myself i’m not buying as many next year, but some how i always do.

i just can’t help myself.

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love marigolds. I didn’t even think about putting them in my window box. Totally should have. Everything looks lovely!

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