remember back in january when i planted some glass orbs with succulents?  well over the past couple months i managed to break two of them (knots in fishing line are not sturdy). and the one that’s left … it’s thriving! see..

i don’t think i took a close up of this particular one before, but doesn’t it look great? i just love it. the plant has various names, but i know it as ‘string of pearls’. i found this plant on etsy,  but recently saw a much larger version at lowes.

back in january i also found these glass beaker tubes for a steal on ebay. i was slightly discouraged after breaking two of my other attempts, but with a renewed spirit and a couple extra succulents i decided to try again. as they say, ‘if at first you don’t succeed…

…try, try, try again.’

so i put a couple stones at the bottom of each beaker, filled them with catus soil and planted my succulents.

i hung them in my dining room in front of the window. i think i need one more tube. and yes, i realize they are a bit weird/different/interesting but that’s why i love them. it makes my guests intrigued… it makes them ask questions. it’s fun. and i love to watch them grow.

i’m not sure how the light is going to be here, but i’m thinking it could be perfect. not direct, but plenty of it. we shall see. and again, i’ll keep you posted.

oh, and i was beyond thrilled this past weekend when a guest commented on how much they loved that my flowers matched my door and outdoor cushions. success!

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