i am constantly (probably too much for my own good) thinking of things i can do … things i can try … ways to be creative.

so my latest thought is to create greeting cards and postcards with some of the images i’ve taken at (and of )the bed and breakfast. the postcards can make a nice moment for those visiting while the greeting cards can accompany a gift someone is purchasing.

Inspired By Charm

i’ve been searching the internet for different ways to accomplish this and i’m just not loving what i’m finding. so, being the creative folks that you are, i’m looking to your for help.

Inspired By Charm

this is what i found, and may actually like, to create the cards. what do you think? other suggestions? i like options.

for postcards, people mentioned vistaprint. which, i’m not the biggest fan of this company, and i do not want their logo anywhere on my card.

at this point it can’t be too fancy (aka expensive), meaning i can’t go buy a letterpress or something, but any and all ideas/suggestions are appreciated. thanks a million in advance!

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  • Meg. at


    My fiance and myself are planning on postcard save the dates and we found ‘overnight prints’ I’ve seen other couples use them on the blogosphere for their save the dates and they turned out really nice. You can order in sets of 25 I believe…100 are only $40 I think?? You can also design what goes on the the back side too. A tip I read was that they back side should have a matte finish that way ink pins and the post offices ink barcode won’t smear. Hope this helps!


  • Stephanie at

    I hope you got my email! Let me know if you did!

  • Gabrielle at

    Try snapfish.com or mpix.com

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