last summer i purchased a louisa weeping crab apple tree. when i purchase it i was told it would have pink flowers in the spring. so, , i’m excited that it survived the winter. and second, aren’t the flowers beautiful?

as i mentioned before i am not a professional photographer and i just use a basic, basic digital camera. so i may not win any awards, but i am thrilled with how they look. do they look ok?

over the past two days i’ve probably taken 200 pictures or more of these little flower. thank goodness for digital cameras! about 180 of those 200 are deleted. these are some of my favorites so far (yes, i’m going to take some more pictures). what i want to do is get 9 or 12 pictures i really, really love. print them out (maybe 8×10), frame them and hang then along a wall or above a bed. who knows?

i just think they need to be seen, rather than sitting lost in my computer. right?

last year i did a similar project in my dining room with pictures that carried the color scheme of my dining room. remember?

i just think art that you create is so much more unique and special. and original! no one else will have something quite like it. that’s cool.


i love, love this scribble art i saw the other day over at young house love.

looks amazing. right? and so professional. add it to my increasingly long to-do list. you can see the full tutorial here.

i know it’s really basic and simple, but i just think it’s brilliant. i do.

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