i got a blender yesterday. yay! it was actually in the clearence section. only $27. nice! and there is a drink button. so, i just put everything in and the blender does all the work. it changes speeds, pulses, etc. all by itself! creating a mighty fine smoothie!

Inspired By Charm

this mornings smoothie has strawberries, banana of course, greek yogurt, a little ice, wheat germ and a splash of OJ. thanks again for the smoothie suggestion!

and… have you seens this transformation? wow. when i saw it, i couldn’t even believe it. its sheer genious.

from this…

Inspired By Charm

to this…

Inspired By Charm

love these lights. love them. ah-mazing. i still can’t get over it. you can see full details here.

oh, and in case you were wondering… i did order the palm pre plus this morning. hope i love it.

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  • Khak at

    wow! Those chandeliers turned out AMAZING! you are so thrifty too!

  • Rachel at

    Your smoothie looks so good, the Greek yogurt idea is really genius.

    The transformation – don’t even let me start – I cannot get over it!!!!

  • EntertainingMom at

    Lights are fabulous! If you use sliced (about 2 inches) frozen bananas you won’t need any ice to water it down!

  • Evyy's Studio at

    I love to follow your blog!I have awarded you with a ‘Beautiful Blogger’ award on my blog!
    Best wishes!

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