hellowdy! so, over the past two days i’ve literally taken hundreds of pictures of the blooms and buds and anything else pretty sprouting around my house. (dispite the fact that i’m sure my neighbors and everybody driving by thinks i’m crazy with my camera inches from my subject… and probably standing/sitting/laying in the most peculiar fashion.)

but i don’t care. they can think what they’d like.

anywho, i love close up shot of flowers and buds and pretty much everything. I just use a basic point and shoot camera (nothing fancy here – although i would like to get a ‘fancier’ one without spending thousands – i’m open to suggestions).

i was wondering today as i was snapping and snapping and snapping if these guys (and ladies) mind me getting all up in their business.

i know i would never let someone take a picture of me this close!

back up.

but aren’t they beautiful?

i guess when you are this stunning you really don’t mind how close people get.

it seems they are designed for people to get up close. maybe.

don’t you love tulips!? i wish they lasted all year.

but then again, maybe that’s what makes them so amazing and beautiful.

a little allium bud. just planted these bulbs last fall. so happy to see you guys!

not quite ready to open.


wow. now that’s close! but ah-mazing. right?

and a little apple blossom i had to remove from my espalier. but it found a home in a vase in my kitchen.

i wonder what will come up next?

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  • Khak at

    your flowers are beauties! Congratulations on your green thumb!

  • Editor at

    “And this same flower that smiles to-day
    To-morrow will be dying” — From Robert Herrick’s To the Virgins to Make Much of time

    These beautiful flowers are all the more splendid because of their fleeting nature– so glad you took the time not only to record their beauty but to preserve it that we might remember and be uplifted by them long after their season has passed. Have you planted any morning glories? If so, when they bloom, zoom in on them– their centers are among the most splendid I’ve seen.

    Since the days of the Bob Newhart Show, I have harbored a secret yearning to own a B&B– haven’t taken the plunge as my current job keeps me busy, but always try to stay in them on my travels. Perhaps when I retire…

    Emily’s Mom from thirtyeight20

  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    so professional! i took a few good pictures yesterday out in the garden, but yours are really exceptional. i might put one of the photos i took up on my blog soon.

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