…that’s how much i love this stuff.
this could be the weirdest thing i have ever posted about, but i couldn’t help it. i love this soap. it is by far the best dish soap you will ever use. ever. the smell (ah-mazing), the suds and it works! trust me.

the local superstore carried this stuff for the longest time. no problems. then, all of the sudden, gone. you couldn’t by it anywhere. i tried about a dozen other brands, scents, etc… but something was missing. i even drove 30 miles to get it. my mom was on constant look out.

then, with the spring, it appeared again. thank you palmolive. i’m so happy to have you back. for good. i hope. please.

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  • Gabrielle at

    I LOVE this stuff too!! I had a different brand and couldn’t wait to use it up and use the good stuff.

    Funny how a little dish soap can brighten your day? =)

  • Anonymous at

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