hey everybody! i hope you had a nice weekend. as I mentioned last week we’re having our 2nd Annual Spring Open House at Old Charm Gift Shoppe and i’m really excited about it! this year we are introducing a new collection to our gift shoppe. viva beads! their exciting colors and fun, flirty style are the perfect way to welcome in the spring!

to make their arrival even more exciting, i’ve decided to do another little giveaway! so, up for grabs this time are a pair of blue velvet chunky silver ball earrings and a tapestry chunky silver ball bracelet. soooo beautiful right?

i know in the past, i’ve had multiple winners, but this time there’s only going to be one!

to enter, just leave a comment. as with my other giveaways if you want to enter twice, just do a little post on your blog, a facebook entry, a tweet or a ‘whatever’ about this giveaway and post a link in another comment. super simple.

good luck everyone! the winner will be randomly selected and announced on friday. here’s to another great week! (we may even hit 60 degrees up in this neck of the woods!)

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  • Jeanne C. at

    Ooooh, pick me, pick me!! 🙂 Those are lovely!

  • Nicole Brakefield at

    I guess I’ll try my luck!

  • Mary at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Mary at

    I hope I win Michael!!!

  • becks at

    these are beautiful!

  • becks at
  • Patty at

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. The earrings and bracelet are just a perfect way to welcome in the spring. I hope to win!

  • Laura at

    What a fun giveaway!!

  • David at

    I Love these giveaways!

  • Marisa at

    Giveaways are always fun. And that is some beautiful jewelry

  • Khak at

    I love a new bracelet and earrings in the Spring. Great new addition to the Spring Wardrobe.

  • Heather McCurley at

    Gorgeous! I would love to win.

  • Geoff and Jenn at

    I stumbled across your blog from InTheFunLane, and now have another blog to be addicted to 😉 Love the beads!

  • Anonymous at

    Beautiful! What a talented artist to create these! I would be honored to wear them.

  • Karen at

    Whoops, I didn’t mean to leave my post anonymous! I hope I can still be counted in 🙂

  • Anne at

    I think the beads are great! I’m try my luck at winning some! Count me in!

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