i started painting my front and back door cherry tomato red this weekend. unfortunatly the rain as prevented me from finishing. hopefully i can wrao things up later this week when the rain stops and the temperatures reach the 70s! yahoo! i’ll share pictures then, but so far, i’m pretty happy with the look. it reminds me of those red telephone booths in england. it really add some spice and personality to the house.


as i was painting i was thinking about what i want on my door, if anything. so i did an internet search and came up with some ideas. not neccessarily all my favorites, but i was curious to see what you thought.


a wreath? seems to be a door standard, but is it too expected? over used?

… oh and i love this purple front door! wouldn’t work on my house, but i do love it.


a basket? this is sort of christmas specific, but could work for other times of the year.


a plant/living wreath?  oh, and i do love those stake planters! omg. it looks like a topiary without all the fuss of a topiary. i think i may need to try this. as long as i can find these stake planters at a reasonable price.


and i’m also loving these vinyl transfers both with house numbers and the ‘welcome’ below. while i found the above images on someone else blog, i know for a fact that this image is also in my file of favorite magazine images.



i know seeing my front door would be helpful, and i will post pictures soon, but what do you think? what’s on your front door? have your tried these vinyl transfers? what works for you? what look do you like?

any advice is appreciated. have a great week everyone!

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  • Leslie at

    Hmm we must be thinking the same thing, because I’m painting my front door this week too! I am using the new Martha Stewart color “wrought iron.” I also have some of those vinyl transfers that have my house number! Excited!

  • Rachel at

    Good question… There is something about the last door photo I find it kind of unique and cute. However, considering your circumstances, I would opt for the “Welcome” one, because you want to welcome your guests. It would make any person coming for a stay feel very welcomed. : )

  • Allie at

    Love your blog! Thanks for ordering the house numbers from my shop, they will ship on Wednesday.

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