If you haven’t yet discovered, which I’m sure you have, Etsy is THE coolest place to shop on the internet. Everything is homemade and it shows! I’m blown away by the creativity here. Love, love it. I wish I had the time to make some of these beautiful treasures.

Anyway these are some of the recent treasures I found and want!

I love that cuckoo clocks are back ‘in style’ (or at least in my book). While my budget doesn’t allow me to purchase a ‘real’ one, this clock would suit me just fine! And the price…. perfect!

What a great gift for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday! I love this postcard pillow. There is nothing better than receiving a personalized gift. Something you can cherish forever.

As I was looking through some of my favorite blogs I found these amazing boxes here. (The lovely people at the Lettered Cottage were actually giving away a set! – sadly I didn’t win.) Anyway, at this price I could afford to buy my own. I love the look of modern meets rustic. This totally fit the bill!

Have fun shopping… or like in my case.. creating a ‘want’ list!

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  • La Pomme at

    I want that clock!

    P.S. And you’re an innkeeper with a very charming-looking inn — it must be a nice job.

  • Michael - Innkeeper at

    and your goods are absolutly charming! love, love the apples and pears!!

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