When I purchased my Bed & Breakfast, my favorite spot in the house was ‘the attic wonderland’. When I saw the space, even though clutter with kitschy country items, overstuffed snowmen and other gifts, I only saw potential. I decided that this would be the place that I would make my home.

After spending a lot of time in other areas of the home and landscaping during the summer and fall, the gloomy and cold winter has opened the door to the creation of my ‘wonderland’. Right now the space is blank, bagging for style, glamour and comfort… and that I shall give it. It will be my greatest, most exciting challenge.

With estimates from contractors for window replacements and window additions the work has begun. Several online and physical trips to Lowes and Home Depot have inspired many ideas and has created a stir of excitement. With plans to do most of the work myslef (with help from my dad and other family members – thank god for two older brothers), I look forward to learning and will do my best to forget the frustration and manual labor. I anticipate its completion and will share the progress right here. Check back often!

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