$12 goodwill haul


the last thing i need is another project. seriously.

with that being said, i was at my local goodwill and picked up several new projects. here’s what i got…

first up, two candle sticks. the top section and bottom section are metal but the middle portion is plastic. which, you can’t really tell unless you pick them up. i’m thinking about silver leafing them just to freshen them up. though they are fine in their current state. 

Inspired By Charm

my favorite part about them is this little hook towards the top! i already have several ideas on what to hang there … especially for christmas! these were $1 a piece.

Inspired By Charm

two vintage pillowcases. i’ve been on a vintage sheet kick lately. i’m have several quilts i want to make and have some christmas ideas that involve vintage sheets. $1 for the pair.

now i just need to buy some spare time. anyone know where i can get some?

Inspired By Charm

i’m probably as shocked as you are about this next purchase. i bought an afghan. i’m typically not a fan of this style of blanket, but this one spoke to me. and the price was right … under $3!!

Inspired By Charm

it’s in great condition and was super clean. i’m thinking about redoing one of my guest rooms in purple. and i think the pop of royal blue will look just amazing!

Inspired By Charm

i also got this ceramic leaf with the thoughts of painting it white and using it as a candy dish of some sort. maybe evening hanging it on the wall? love the shape and style, just not the color. it was $1 too.

Inspired By Charm

and last but not least, these two lamps. $2.50 a piece. they need some funky shades and a good paint job. but i love their form and style. and they are the perfect size for a little desk lamp. i’m thinking about creating lampshades like these.

Inspired By Charm

great finds, right?

so, i’ve been waiting to host a weekly linkup party. and i thought it would be fun to call it ‘thrifty thursdays’. you could share your finds, ideas, and/or projects created from your thrift store purchases. the weekly posts would then become a great resource to inspire future projects.

Inspired By Charm

what do you think? would you participate?  we’ll give it a try next week and see how it goes!

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • Kari at

    Awesome deals!! I would totally love to play at your link party!!

  • Ali Richardson at

    Awesome finds!! I am in a serious thrify rut at the moment. Seriously. Yes, I would definitely use your linky party as an excuse to get out there and get thrifty 🙂

  • Carrie Rosalind at

    Such fun finds! My faves are those candlesticks…can’t wait to see how great they look when you spruce them up a bit! 🙂

  • Dawn at

    YES! Love that idea for a linky party. I make the rounds of the local thrift stores every Wed. – so I’m in !

  • Lili at

    Yes, how ever do you find the time for another project?! That’s what I enjoy though, seeing those future projects materialize everytime I step foot into Goodwill! It sure does get the creative juices flowing and I think a thrifty finds link party would be fun! ~Lili

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Oh Loo Whooooo….please just move to Iowa. I love to shop at Goodwill and have no one to do it with. sniff sniff pout pout. I just painted a lamp today that I bought at my FAVE Goodwill on Saturday. I’m going to put it on top of my fridge…I know, I’m such a rebel. 😉 I’m totally linking it up to your party next Thursday.

  • Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic at

    Those finds are awesome. I love those candle stick holders–$1 a piece is amazing! And the idea you have for lamp shades is really cool. Can’t wait to see what you do with everything.

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Ohhhh a new partay! LOVE the theme!

    And you did VERY well today! Get to work already, hey? 😀


  • Luisa at

    Love your finds! Can’t wait to see what you turn them into. The colors of the afghan are I think will pop.

  • Paul Browning at

    Brilliant finds. I’d be happy to join in the linky party too (if, like you, i can grab some of that spare time lol) Px

  • Patti at

    Great finds – the hook on the candlesticks is very unique – love ’em

  • Erin at

    Nice finds, Michael! I think we all have a little inner Granny that appreciates afghans, especially now the fall chill has arrived! 🙂 Will definitely be linking to the party–this gives me a reason to post about my recent thrifty finds. Yay!

  • Elisa at

    Hi Michael;
    I’m one of your newest followers and love the idea of your new link up party!
    I’m in!

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