12 days of christmas {inspired by charm}


ok, so i’m really excited about this.

i’ve been trying to think of an idea to celebrate the holidays, involve a lot of bloggers and give gifts. sounds fun, right?

Inspired By Charm

i know a lot of people say this, but i absolutely love giving gifts … better than receiving. cross my heart. i love shopping. i love wrapping gifts. i love making people happy. i just love it all!

so with all of that in mind, here’s what i came up with!

Inspired By Charm

i’m not always the greatest with giving directions, so bare with me … here’s how this is all going to go down:

the event will run december 6th – december 11th & december 13th – december 18th (12 days)

i need twelve fellow bloggers that are interested in hosting a giveaway on their blog.

the twelve participating bloggers will be assigned a day (one of the days listed above) to announce a winner.

the rules (length of of the giveaway, how to enter, etc.) is up to the blogger hosting the giveaway.

i will provide and mail the gift (the winnings/the prize/the loot) – wrapped of course.

the gift (seasonal candles, tea towels, jewelry, ornaments, chocolates, etc…) will be hand selected by yours truly from my gift shoppe (it will most likely be seasonal). the value of each gift will be between $10 – $15.

the gift will remain a secret. (i get to play santa!) until the recipient/winner opens it. i can give hints if needed.

Inspired By Charm

and that’s it! for now at least. make sense?

there will be more information for the participating bloggers and more information for all readers in the coming weeks. i just wanted to introduce the idea today and put a call out to fellow bloggers that would like to participate.

Inspired By Charm

if you are interested in being a part of  inspired by charm’s 12 days of christmas, please email me before next friday, november 19th. i hope to get at least twelve other bloggers that are interested *crosses fingers*. should i get more than that, i will randomly select twelve from the pool of interested people. sound fair?

Inspired By Charm

so leave some comments below letting me know what you think. questions if you are confused. email me if you want to host a giveaway. feel free to ‘steal’ the image/button above or in the sidebar and link it back to here. i think this should be really fun.

*and i did mention yesterday, there wouldd be a ‘twitter giveaway’ today … but i’m moving it to thursday (tomorrow). see you then. thanks!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Mrs. 5C at

    Hi Michael! I love the blog! Kim at NewlyWoodwards sent me your info and I’d love to participate! What a cute idea!!

  • Tammy at Tattered and Timeless at

    Hi Michael,
    I’d love to help you out on your giveaways. It is so nice of you and it sounds like fun. Just let me know what to do and when.

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    I love the idea and would love to host a giveaway. It all sounds too simple though – you provide and mail the gift??? How generous. You have amazing taste so I’m sure it will be a lovely giveaway.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Love this idea, Michael. You are so generous.

  • Meg and Matt at

    I’ve followed your blog anonamously for awhile now but I always check in!

    I’ve created a blog (I’ve had them in the past but they were more centered on keeping our family up to date on our lives). Anyways after reading daily from people like you, holly at Life in the Fun Lane, etc about chasing your dreams and not just working at any ole job I’ve been really feeling the calling to follow MY passions! I am bound and determined to make my dreams my reality.

    I would love to be included in your giveaway (sadly I really don’t have any followers -that I know of haha) Although I do post on my facebook and I always have daily views. So, what I am saying is maybe next YEAR I’ll have enough of a following to warrant being included 🙂


  • Mrs. Adventure at

    I am with 100% I just love making, buying, wrapping, and giving I wish it could be a full time profession :+)

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