12 Days of Christmas, Day 4 // Wreath-sipration

It’s Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas! What do you think of things so far? Have you been able to find all of the daily giveaways? You can enter all of them throughout the 12 Days, so don’t worry. There is still time.

Inspired By Charm

Since this week is all about Christmas, it would be kind of silly of me not to show you what’s on my front door, right? This is the same wreath I had last year, but since the holidays pretty much consumed me last year, I never got a chance to show you.

Inspired By Charm

Here she is!

A couple summers ago I found these adorable antique wood skis, but I just couldn’t figure out how or where to use them. 

Inspired By Charm

Actually, I think I had too many ideas on how to use them, so I never did. Does that ever happen to anyone else? 

Inspired By Charm

Anyway, I attached them to a plain fake pine wreath, added a couple fun accessories tied on a pretty bow, and I was set to go! 

Inspired By Charm

The bow matches one on an antique wood sled to the right of the door. 

Inspired By Charm

Here’s the thing, my porch decorations are outdoorsy and minimal for two reasons. First of all, my house is pretty close to the road so things get dusty and dirty very quickly. This happens even faster in the winter when salt and cinder trucks are throwing their stuff everywhere. Secondly, though my porch has a roof on it, a lot of snow still accumulates on the porch. If there are a bunch of fancy decorations around, snow removal is almost impossible. 

Inspired By Charm

As much as I would love to decorate my porch like they do in the magazines, it’s just not practical.

For sanity’s sake, I’ll stick with my beautiful wreath and a couple trees and call it a day.

Inspired By Charm

What do you think of my ski-inspired wreath? What’s hanging on your front door?

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Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    This is so creative and so festive. Not that I expect any less. Just awesome.

  • [email protected] at

    Love the wreath and the skis, so cute! I still have not done a thing to my front door. I have a wreath, in the garage on the counter…waiting.

  • JuneA** at

    Looks like it’s from a magazine to me! I really like this!

  • Toodie at

    I absolutely love it!! Very interesting and very welcoming. Much better than just your everyday, ordinary wreath that everyone has.

  • Marianne Songbird at

    Oh this is so cute. Love the little skis and the sled. What a welcoming front door you have!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    LOVE!! You’ve found the ultimate place for your skis! Seriously adore this.

    All I have on my front door is… well, you’ll see soon but it’s even more simple than yours so I’ll be apologizing next. 🙂

  • thistlewoodfarm at

    My front door has a magnola wreath on it! LOL! Love the colors you choose….they always make me smile on a cold winter day!


  • Mary at

    I love your ski inspired wreath. It is perfect!

  • creatingHOME :: Renee Caron at

    Love your classic touches Michael! This is fantastic and I agree with Shanty2Chic, completely magazine-worthy!

  • Danielle at

    Oh I just love it! Very creative and rustic. Just perfect.

  • Shanty2Chic at

    It does look like a magazine though! LOVE it! So cute and different!

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